ELVES- Explainer Video
As part of my coursework as a 3rd year animation student, I was tasked to create an explainer Video for ELVES, a car recycling facility. a minute long audio clip was given to us to animate to. This was a group project, and I worked with my classmates Max Deramo and Agata Stamirowska.
Here's the finished piece!
We brainstormed the brief and decided to go with a very Flinstones, classic cartoon inspired feel. We would follow a caveman as he struggled to dispose of his car in lots of slapstick, Roadrunner inspired ways. Nothing's working, that is until a member of the ELVES team helps him dispose of his car responsibly. We wanted to inject some humour into the project, and felt this was a good way to do so.
Here's our moodboard- as you can see we were highly inspired by The Flinstones, The Jetsons and Road Runner.
Some preliminary sketches of our backgrounds and characters.
A treatment file explaining how we want our piece to look and feel that we presented to the client, ELVES.
Our initial style frame- we were going to experiment with a hybrid style, 3D backgrounds with old school, hand drawn animation. However, we found that the two styles just didn't mesh together well, so we ended up revisiting the background design.

Here's the storyboard, which really helped us develop a style and get an idea of what kind of shots we needed
We took the drawings from the storyboard and animated them into an animatic to get an idea of how we were going to time things for the finished animation
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