Set Design- Cyberpunk Petrol Station
As part of a college brief I was tasked with designing, building and shooting a miniature set, given the genre of Cyberpunk. This was a group effort, in which the team banded together to reach a very cool outcome- our final set turned out great and the shots were beautiful.
Firstly, we developed a moodboard and drew inspiration from sources such as Tokyo architecture, Big Ben, Cyberpunk 2020. We decided to go for a dystopian Neo-Tokyo feel.
Here is one of our initial sketches, which we used as a guide to build the set. I wanted the petrol station itself to look like a converted shrine. Surveillance cameras and signs that warn that you are being watched litter the set.
I wanted a very nighttime neon light feel. To achieve this, I laser-cut semi-clear coloured vinyl and lit it with LED strings in the back. The signs were designed on illustrator.
Next was shooting the set- we shot it in low lighting, with concentrated lights coloured by cellophane sheets giving the set a seedy red glow. The neon lights blurred out and looked really great with a highly contrasted depth of field.
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