My name is Dara :) I'm a 23 year old artist based in Kilkenny, Ireland. 
My Journey in the Animation Industry started before I graduated college in 2021, when I balanced studying remotely (when I created my Animation Dingle selected short film, The Space Between Us) with working full time as an Ink & Paint Artist for My Fathers Dragon. 
In my time in Kilkenny, I've worked on 3 projects with Cartoon Saloon- Wolfwalkers, My Fathers Dragon, and a super secret one yet to be announced!
 I'm a storyteller through and through, and I love nothing more than expressing human experiences and emotion through animation. I'm inspired by music, the internet, and the little things.
If you like my work, or would like to get in touch, my instagram is @dararcy​​​​​​​.
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