As part of my second year coursework, I made a stop-motion animation promoting the use of Leap Cards among students in Ireland. I submitted this to the TFI Smarter Travel Campus Awards and won in category Best Multimedia Animation.
My assets were made of cardboard and coloured with oil pastels and paint. I wanted it to have a very home-made and youthful feel, and this gave it exactly that. I'm from Limerick and so made sure to include lots of Limerick-y easter eggs to represent my city, such as Donkey Fords, the UL Flag Poles and of course, the LSAD Campus.
here's my shooting set up- I shot with a DSLR on a tripod, 2 studio lights and used the programme DragonFrame.
I ended up winning a prize for it! Here's me with a giant LeapCard!
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