Story Of A Square

As part of a 3rd Year Animation & Motion Design project, we were asked to create a ten second animation. The only requirement was that it began and ended with a 250 pixel by 250 pixel square in the centre of the screen.
Here's the storyboard for my piece- I drew it up in Photoshop so that I could get a feel for that graphic, flat colour style I wanted to go for, and discovered that I really liked how it looked.
I then created an animatic to get an idea of how I was going to time my piece.
I wanted my piece to capture a very romantic and magical atmosphere, so I aimed to use used lots of deep rich colours. I Wanted a lot of constant movement, swirling northern lights, twinkling stars and rippling water. To help me visualise this, I created this Styleframe.
Finally, it was time to start making my assets! Some assets of my piece such as the stars, moon and bed of water were made in After Effects. However, the more complex assets were made in illustrator. I wanted to keep a simple, geometric style, so I stuck to basic shapes for my penguins.
I animated my piece in After Effects. The camera tool was vital in crating the atmosphere in my piece. I layered up my assets in a 3D environment and then pulled the camera back, which gave the effect of parallax and an all around sense of depth.
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